GP01-H9 and GP01-H10 closure

It can be used to connect and branch fibers in aerial locations, ducted applications, direct buried manholes. The case body is made from high-intensity engineering plastics and formed the shape will mold plastics under high pressures. High mechanical intensity, corrosive-resistance, anti-thunderstruck and long service.

Products Details

Model  GP01-H9JM4 GP01-H10JM4
Material PP alloy PP alloy
Applicable Cable Dia. Φ12.5 ~ Φ 22 mm Φ12.5 ~ Φ 22mm
Product Dimension 498*217*134 mm 400*174*113 mm
Inlet and outlet 2 inlet and 2 outlet 2 inlet and 2 outlet
Max. Capacity of splice tray 24 core (single fiber) 24 core (single fiber)
Max. Splice Capacity Axial turning way: 144c (single fiber) , 432c ( Ribbon 12c fiber) Lateral turning way:96c (single fiber) , 192c ( Ribbon 12c fiber) Axial turning way: 96c (single fiber) , 216c ( Ribbon 12c fiber) Lateral turning way:96c (single fiber)
Reopen Available Available
Duration 25years 25years
Application Aerial, Direct buried, Manhole,Pipeline Aerial, Direct buried, Manhole, Pipeline
Sealing Method Unvulcanized Butyl Rubber Strip Unvulcanized Butyl Rubber Strip
1. Excessive fibers can be stored under the splice tray bracket. Easy in fiber management. 2. The splice trays can take off for fiber to access to any splice tray, without disturbing other trays. 3. The inner parts and fixing parts are made of stainless steel 4. With a earthling device protect it from damage by lightning1. Working Temperature: -40 degrees centigrade~+70 degrees centigrade 2. Atmospheric Pressure: 70~150Kpa 3. Axial Tension: >2000N/1min 4. Stretching Resistance: 2500N/10 square centimeter(1min) 5. Insulation resistance: >2*104MΩ 6. Voltage Strength: 15KV/1min, no arcover or breakdown 7. Pressure in the water: 50m/72hours 8. Splice tray with optical taking-in radius: 30mm. Low optical loss.

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